Waterloo entrance mess

Sunday 24 January 2010

Waterloo Station is a massive transport hub and gateway to London’s cultural centre on the Southbank. So what a shame that the main entrance is such a mess, with the grand staircase obscured by a jumble of taxi and cycle lanes, service roads, pedestrian crossings of all flavours, railings, motorbike parking and a complete lack of bicycle racks.
Not that cycling around this area is at all encouraged, with the three lane Waterloo roundabout and similarly fearsome connecting roads. The jumble of inefficient and indirect South Bank cycle routes through busy pedestrian areas form the alternatives. But at 8am on a weekday, happy cyclists still wheel quickly into town through this part of town, generally getting through the traffic quicker than the taxis and lorries paralysed in queues. But to the rail users flooding in from the South of England, sardines for so much of their commute: can we not advertise some cycle parking at the station, so they can hop on some wheels for 10 minutes to fly to work, instead of directing them like sheep into tube and bus pens to get there in twice the time, sweaty, annoyed and slothen?

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